Total Comics: 140 - Most Recent Comic Included: 2003-07-20

Rank Name Full Name
Appearances First Appearance Latest Appearance % of Total
1 Jack
1062002-08-30 2003-07-20 75.71%
Picture of Jack So, Jack has become the first to make 100 appearances. And he looks pretty likely to stay on top for the considerable future, especially since his shrunkeness gives more likelyhood of him appearing in the background.
Status: Living
2 Steve
682002-08-30 2003-07-19 48.57%
Picture of Steve So, Steve is 2nd place. Good going. Not much else to say... Ever notice how from the start of the comic, Steve's head has gradually turned from a circle to an oblong?
Status: Living
3 Ron Ron Mason
502002-08-30 2003-07-19 35.71%
Picture of Ron Ron. Has no forehead!
Status: Living
4 Kirsty
342002-08-30 2003-07-20 24.29%
Picture of Kirsty Kirsty has climbed up ahead of Kate, despite getting almost no appearances at all in 2002. And is also, apparently, the hottest woman alive. But then, I guess there is only a choice of two now, since Kate is technically a demon.
Status: Living
5 Kate Hospital Catering Jackson
272002-08-30 2003-07-15 19.29%
Picture of Kate Although her full name is actually technically Satan, Lucifer, Beelzebub, Prince of Lies, yadda yadda yadda.
Status: Living
6 Darren
172002-11-10 2003-07-20 12.14%
Picture of Darren I wish I had eyebrows that could jump in front of my hair...
Status: Living
6 Evets
172002-09-22 2003-07-19 12.14%
Picture of Evets Another random appearance for Evets! Who knows when he will strike again? (other than me, of course >D)
Status: Ethereal
8 Pizza Girl
122003-04-09 2003-07-19 8.57%
Picture of Pizza Girl She'll have a name soon. Trust me.
Status: Living
9 Genome108
102002-09-30 2003-02-27 7.14%
Picture of Genome108 Yeah! Me! Totally...
Status: Ethereal
10 Andy
62002-10-24 2002-10-29 4.29%
Picture of Andy Remember him? Kid in the ghost costume, Halowe'en 2002? Thought not.
Status: Deceased - Any doubts on this are cleared by the destruction of the entire planet...
10 Jimmy
62002-10-24 2002-10-30 4.29%
Picture of Jimmy Also showed up at Halowe'en 2002. Took the holy sword to kill a zombie. Has a serial killer for a father. All that in only 6 appearances! Imagine what the MAIN characters are like!
Status: Deceased - Along with the rest of the planet.
12 Evil Kirsty
52003-07-02 2003-07-08 3.57%
Picture of Evil Kirsty Showed up, had sex with Jack, disappeared.
Status: Living - Since she is clearly able to touch people, she can't be Ethereal.
12 Good Kirsty
52003-07-02 2003-07-08 3.57%
Picture of Good Kirsty Showed up, did nothing, disappeared.
Status: Living

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Living 9
Deceased 2
Ethereal 2