So, you're a newbie, eh?

Well, don't panic, you've come to the right place. This page is here to help you maximise your New Project experience.

Now, if you looked at the comic on the front page, you may well have been thinking something along the lines of "WHAT THE FIBRE-OPTIC JESUS IS GOING ON????". This probably happened for one of four reasons.

1.) You haven't read previous comics. As New Project is somewhat serial in nature, it is generally necessary to have read some of the earlier comics to understand the current one. But do not be thinking "Where can I get these back issues? How much will they cost?". All of these previous comics are available on this site by clicking those little eyes, using the calendar or storyline dropdown, or, if you're too lazy to go back to the front page, the first comic is here. HOWEVER, before you do this, please read the following warning:
WARNING! The first hundred or so comics were made before I had a clue what I was doing, and are hence of a rather poor quality. Somewhere in the middle of the Food Shortage storyline is where the quality begins to pick up, and starting from here may be more reccomended than starting from the start, as it shouldn't be too hard to understand what is going on without reading earlier comics, and you can always go back and read them later.

2.)The comic is supposed to make you say this. It's something known as 'suspense'. In a few weeks or whatever, when the whole thing is explained, you'll probably be kicking your [self/cat/dog/spouse] (delete as appropriate) for not realising what was happening immediately.

3.)It contains some obscure refrence to something you know nothing about.

4.)You are stupid.

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